Board backs committee’s vision


Strong – The Strong Advancement Committee has a vision for the community. It comes from the 86 responses received to surveys posted earlier around town.

Raylene Tolman, the Strong Advancement Committee’s paid helper, presented the vision to selectmen Tuesday night. Selectmen approved it and passed an amendment to endorse it.

In words, the vision notes “Strong will be thriving and prosperous with a strong community bond that celebrates our diverse history and embraces our natural resources where citizens and visitors can work and play together.”

Selectmen also met with Leisa Adams, the town’s fuel supplier, to discuss prices. After Adams cut the town a deal when prices dramatically dropped last year, selectmen decided to go with her best judgment and let her procure fuel at the lowest possible price she can then stick with that price regardless of price changes.

In other matters, selectmen reached a conclusion over who should receive the Boston Gold Post Cane, which is awarded to the town’s oldest citizen. They wouldn’t release the name now. An award ceremony will take place soon. Selectmen also decided to retire the original cane and present the bearer with either a replacement or plaque.