Board backs resolution to enforce U.S. fair trade practices


LIVERMORE — Selectpersons voted Monday to support the enforcement of U.S. fair trade practices in regards to imported paper from China and Indonesia, board Administrative Assistant Kurt Schaub said Tuesday.

The U.S. Department of Commerce may impose tariffs on imports of coated paper to offset the unfair advantage provided by government subsidies in those countries, according to a release on the NewPage Corp. Web site.

The board approved a resolution presented by paperworkers, including some from Livermore and NewPage in Rumford, Schaub said.

They pointed out that there are global trade inequities, Schaub said.

China and Indonesia are able to export paper at a much cheaper costs than the U.S. by paying lower wages, not having to adhere to environmental laws and regulations, and by using government subsidies  masked as loans that are later forgiven, Schaub said.

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