Board candidate faces jail before vote


PARIS – A woman will spend 10 days in jail for allowing underage teens to drink in her house, leaving her cell just days before voters decide if she ought to be elected as a selectman.

Ruth-Ann Brazier said she’s running for the seat – elections are June 13 – because she wants to provide more places in town for young people to play, like parks and athletic fields.

“I want to pursue wholesome activities in town,” she said. “We should be doing things for kids up to age 13.” She mentioned pie-eating contests, three-legged races and building a pool and a hockey rink.

Brazier was sentenced Monday at Oxford County Superior Court to the 10-day term for furnishing a place for minors to drink alcohol. She also was fined $500. Her jail sentence starts next week.

On Wednesday, talking while cooking for her daughter’s upcoming graduation ceremony, Brazier said the event that led to her jail term was a school-sanctioned affair she threw for her daughter, which was ruined when some older boys showed up at the house. Her daughter is a senior at Hebron Academy.

Brazier claimed, too, that she was at a nearby house, and came back to the party only briefly. Court evidence includes a photograph taken at the party of Brazier sitting behind a young woman who’s drinking beer from a funnel.

Brazier has lived in Paris for 16 years. She moved here from Boston where she worked for Harvard University’s dining system. She said from 1990 to 1996 she helped a recreation committee that was successful in creating ball fields.

Since coming to Maine, she ran her own business taking care of commercial parking lots and she’s worked for Sunday River. She also said she cooked at the shelter kitchen in the high school during the 1998 Ice Storm.

She said she closed her business in 1996 after discovering she had been the victim of identity theft.

Because her background is in hospitality, Brazier said her experience will serve her well as a town leader.

“We want to be in the hospitality business,” she said. “We want tourism incentives.”

Brazier is running against three other candidates for a seat vacated early by Kenneth West, that has two years remaining on the term.

Residents will also elect a selectman for a three-year term being sought by two candidates.