Board has failed Livermore


Recently the Livermore Planning Board allowed David Lovewell, a member of the board, to open a four-season race track in Livermore. It is a great disappointment to me to see people doing the wrong thing just for lack of a reason to do the right thing.

Because Livermore has neither an effective comprehensive plan nor a noise ordinance, the planning board decided it had no choice but to approve the project with very little scrutiny or review. There was no study of the noise impact on abutters, no traffic flow study, and no environmental impact study, despite the location near the Androscoggin River. I wonder if the same level of scrutiny would have been applied to an application for an industrial plant, or even a motel.

I disapprove, because the noise has a terrible effect on the peace, quiet and property values in South Livermore. There is no benefit to anyone in the community. The track is a financial benefit only to Mr. Lovewell.

The facility will be taxed as a farm field, not a commercial operation. There are no jobs created or new tax revenue. There will be, however, a great deal of nuisance in the form of noise created by roaring trucks and piercing public address speakers. The track was in operation last summer for only six events, and destroyed the quiet, serene and rural flavor of Livermore.

The planning board has failed the residents of South Livermore, and devalued our assets and our quality of life.

Robert Boothby, Livermore