Board OKs center wall fix


FARMINGTON – Selectmen Tuesday night voted unanimously to take $1,200 from the Community Center reserve account to help pay for sealant needed for the center’s front wall.

The interior front wall in the community center is marred by peeling, bubbling paint. Earlier this year, Steve Shible, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, received town backing to repaint it. But Tuesday he explained to selectmen that he recently learned the paint is bubbling because of an outside leak.

Rather than repaint this year and then need to do it again in two or three years, he suggested raising enough money to seal the problem section of wall.

The measure will cost about $3,500, he said. The center budget included $1,300 for the paint job and $1,000 for lighting, which Shible suggested be spent on sealing the wall instead. Selectmen then voted to allow Shible to use $1,200 from the center’s reserve account of $1,400 to complete the job.

Town Manager Richard Davis told selectmen there is a possibility an anonymous donor will pay to relocate the trees downtown from planters to holes to be dug in the sidewalk. Board Chairman Mary Wright, referring to the planters as “ugly, and a hazard” to people parking along the street, said she thinks it would be great if the trees could be moved.

“I told you so,” Wright quipped, explaining in the past she cautioned against purchasing the planters.

The board will discuss moving the trees at its next scheduled meeting.