Board puts 2 articles on June voting ballot


PERU – Selectmen approved two articles for the June referendum and tabled two others Monday night.

Authorized for the ballot is an article to use secret ballots to vote on all articles at the 2007 annual town meeting, and one to authorize selectmen to spend the amount in the previous fiscal year if the appropriation proposed for the current year in any budget area is not approved.

Still under consideration is an article to change the fiscal year from January-December to July-June, the same as the school system.

Selectman Andy St. Pierre asked if they could run as they do now and borrow money.

Town Clerk Vera Parent said the school cost alone will go up $100,000 and they must think of the interest cost of taking a loan.

Resident Clyde Wardwell asked what happened to all the extra tax money collected from the Worthley Pond residents who had to pay double this year?

Board Chairman Bill Hine said that some areas of town had taxes that went down and it all came out even. He said the town can only collect the amount of money raised at town meeting.

Selectmen’s secretary Kathy Hussey said the assessor comes this week and everyone’s taxes may go up.

If the fiscal year is changed, people will be get two tax bills, Parent told the board.

Selectman Norman DeRoche said if they don’t change the year, they have to guess every January what the school costs will be when formulating the town budget.

The other article still under discussion is an amendment to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance that defines basements.

After two meetings with lengthy discussions, the board finally approved a building permit for Robert and Mary LaPointe for a 12-by-16-foot structure with an 8-by-12-foot porch on a gravel pad 125 feet from Worthley Pond high water mark. The lot is nonconforming and no other structure can be built on the site.

Approval was also given for Richard Comeau on Auburn Road to extend a bedroom and kitchen, and Perry Virgin on Dickvale Road to add to his garage.

The Planning Board announced it is looking for a member who is a Worthley Pond resident.