Board seeks funds to treat moisture problem


OTISFIELD — School officials will ask town meeting voters in June to approve an article that will establish a revolving fund to pay for remedial work at the Otisfield Community School where moisture has been found in the outside walls.

Air quality tests that were conducted to determine if the water was causing any mold in the school have come back negative, but officials want to figure out how to keep the moisture out of the school’s walls. A recent test determined that water is infiltrating the bottom of the walls where flower beds have been installed over the last few years.

While it is not believed that the vegetable bed at the front of the school is contributing to the problem because it is a raised bed, it is possible that the flower beds may be holding moisture against the walls on three sides.

“We’re trying to do the responsible thing, to do the right thing,” Superintendent Mark Eastman said.

Earlier this year, moisture was found in the school walls while testing was done to determine whether there was a mold problem.

Facilities Director Dave Marshall said at that time that tests conducted in December and January by Turner Building Science in Harrison determined the levels of mold inside the school were normal or below the levels found ordinarily in outside air.

School officials are now awaiting strategies from the company so they can proceed with remedial work to clear up the moisture problem.

No price has been set yet, but Marshall said in March that it may take several thousand dollars to fix the problem.

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