Board turns timber-cutting case over to lawyer, forester


LIVERMORE — Selectpersons voted unanimously Monday to turn a case of illegally cut town timber over to the town attorney and Maine Forest Service, administrative assistant Kurt Schaub said Tuesday.

Logger John Korhonen of Jay had until 4 p.m. Monday to pay $40,444 to reimburse the town for expenses related to wood he harvested without permission on more than 10 acres of the town’s Memorial Forest.

The logger bought land in the area and he cut the wood over the town line, Schaub said previously. Schaub sent letters to Korhonen in May and September. On Dec. 19, 2012, Schaub sent a third letter requesting reimbursement to the town of $40,690.

Since then, an error in calculation on one species and the final bill for valuation services was received, which was more than estimated. Those changes reduced the amount Korhonen is required to pay.

Schaub said Korhonen stopped by the Town Office on Monday and provided Town Clerk Renda Libby with the instruction to contact Readfield Insurance on the matter.

The letter sent in December does not include the town reaching out to Korhonen’s insurance carrier as an option, he said.

Schaub was in contact with the town’s attorney, Lee Bragg, and forester Art Lavoie on Tuesday, he said.

The matter is in their hands, he said.

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