Bonds struck by ball during batting practice


MILWAUKEE (AP) – The Curse of the Bambino might have found its next victim: Barry Bonds.

Bonds, only two home runs away from tying Babe Ruth’s career mark of 714, was left in a temporary daze after getting bonked in the forehead by a ball during batting practice before San Francisco played Milwaukee on Wednesday night.

Bonds was struck less than an hour after he said he didn’t think passing Ruth for No. 2 on all-time homer list would be that big a deal.

Bad idea, Barry.

“It’s Hank Aaron’s record,” Bonds said. “And I will always live by, it’s Hank Aaron’s record.”

Could Bonds have inadvertently riled up the same curse that kept the Boston Red Sox from glory all those years?

Giants spokesman Matt Hodson said Bonds was deemed to be OK after being examined by Darin Rutherford, a local doctor hired by the team to assist its training staff, and was still in the lineup for the game.

Bonds was leaning against the batting cage when Giants infielder Kevin Frandsen hit a ball into the netting that struck the San Francisco slugger. Bonds yelped.

Bonds appeared to be stunned immediately after being struck, then lay down on the ground for several minutes while being attended to by the team’s medical staff. He got back up, went to the clubhouse for an examination, then took his regular turn in the batting cage.

Escorted by security, Bonds went back into the clubhouse after hitting.