Book Review “Star Wars”


Star Wars: Heir to the Empire, by Timothy Zahn, begins five years after the fall of the galactic empire and the end of the movie series. It tells about how Luke and Leia are caught up in the politics of the New Republic, and of the Empire’s last hope of defeating the newborn government, Grand Admiral Tharwn. Thrawn is a master strategist and sends assassins after princess Leia and her unborn Jedi twins. he found the Emperor’s secret cache of his most prized possessions. While doing this, he used force repellent creatures, called ysalamir, to recruit a very powerful Dark jedi to aid him in battle and train Leia’s children. Meanwhile, Leia is trying desperately to receive proper Jedi training from Luke. After the attacks by Thrawn’s assassins she tries several means of hiding, but eventually ends up under heavy guard on the Wokiee planet of kashyyyk. There she strikes a deal with one of her assassins and could possibly sway them to change sides to the Republic. Luke, during this time, was trying to get a large smuggling group to join the Republic, but was instead captured by them. he eventually escaped and had to fight a small battle before returning to Coruscant’s turbulent politics.

Luke is trying desperately to fight off his passionate nature and live up to the Jedi Code’s There is no emotion; there is peace. Leia is very stressed about all the things she has to do with the New Republic, and feels that she is not getting enough time to learn the ways of the jedi. Nonetheless, she has a mind for politics and is very good at what she does. Grand Admiral Thrawn does not reveal hardly any of his true emotions or thoughts, stating everything he says with utmost determination. he is a genius in battle and believes that a cultures art shows the most about them; he has thousands of holocron replicas in his museum.

I very much like this book because of the author’s ability to fluently blend the character’s thoughts into the dialogue. He also blends serious matters in the book with stray bits of humor and lighthearted observations. They story line switches between characters so you get a good picture of the time frame of events.

I have notice much of the same vocabulary in the book as in the Star Wars; The knights of the old Republic video game. Some examples are vibroblades, a type of knife or sword using ultrasonic vibrations to both keep the blade steady and provide a lethal attack; medpacks, medical kits that you apply in a similar manner to an icy-hot patch; and the Wokiee’s ability to transport themselves by means of their claws.

The only really meaningful questions I have about this book are bout its plot: What will happen with Leia and the assassins? Will Talon Karrde join the republic? What will the Dark jedi do when he confronts Luke? But, I hope to find the answer to these in the second and third books.