Book Review: Tree Girl


Author: T.A. Barron

Genre: Fantasy

Anna has no memory of her parents. All she knows is that Mellwyn found her by the High Willow, on the other side of the forest.

But how can she get there if bloodthirsty ghouls live in the forest?

As the story progresses, Anna and Mellwyn become closer, yet he still won’t confide in her about his knowledge of her parents.

Making friends with a talking bear cub whom she calls Sash, Anna must learn more about the ghouls, who apparently killed her mother, and about her past as well.

I feel that this book, was not one of T.A. Barron’s strong points. I’ve read all of Barron’s “Lost Years of Merlin” books, and Two of his “Great Tree of Avalon” books. Compared to those, “Tree Girl” was very short, and was not very climatic. I felt it didn’t really have a point, and I would rate it two out five stars.