MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Where’s the best place for a college kid to party? Right here in the heartland, Playboy magazine says.

The magazine, breaking a four-year hiatus by issuing a list of top party schools, has named the University of Wisconsin-Madison No. 1 in its study of “books, babes and beer.”

The issue hitting newsstands Friday cites two annual parties that UW-Madison students love: a Halloween Party that attracts up to 100,000 people and a rowdy spring block party in the heart of campus.

But the magazine also commends the city’s vibrant music scene, its enthusiasm for the Badgers sports teams – and yes, its reputation as a good academic school.

University officials said they weren’t thrilled about topping another list for party schools after the Princeton Review named the school its top party school last year.

But “it’s good to be known as a place where there’s a lot going on for students,” said UW-Madison spokesman John Lucas. “It’s good they do take into account the academics.”

Playboy editorial director Christopher Napolitano said the question the magazine was trying to answer was this: “Where would a guy who wants to live the Playboy lifestyle want to go to school?”

MUNDY TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) – Anna Rudolph recently learned that the quiet, unobtrusive folks down the road have been using her land for years.

She can’t exactly kick them off, however.

Rudolph, 83, owns half of Mount Hope Cemetery, a piece of property she inherited from her father in 1973.

Rudolph, who lives two doors down from the cemetery, said she’d be happy to deed to the township her half of the cemetery, which is being restored by volunteers.

Her daughter, Marlene Brookman, agreed – with a caveat.

“The township should have the cemetery,” said Brookman, an auditor who discovered the possible error. “But my mother has been paying taxes on it for all these years. The back taxes should be repaid.”

Township officials say it’s possible that Rudolph owns part of the cemetery, which was established in 1836. In fact, they have been unable to locate a deed showing that the township even owns the other half.

“It may turn out that the township owns none of the cemetery,” township attorney Jack Belzer said.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) – Myrtle Beach wants another sand castle record. And this time the resort town wants to add the world’s tallest castle to its record for the longest.

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce announced Tuesday that there will be an attempt to build the world’s tallest sand castle during the resort’s annual Sun Fun Festival, which runs from May 31 through June 7.

If the town wins the title, it will apparently hold two Guinness World Records for sand castle construction.

In 1991, an estimated 10,000 people helped create the world’s longest sand castle at the beach. That sand castle wound up and down the beach for 86,535 feet, or more than 16 miles.

The record for the tallest sandcastle is 29.25 feet, held by Parkfest in Falmount, Maine, for the past three years.

Myrtle Beach plans a sand castle that is 35 feet tall. It will use 70 dump trucks full of sand and have a base that is 60 feet wide.

“It’s a shame Maine currently holds the title for the tallest sand castle when it should be one of Myrtle Beach’s many accolades,” said Mayor John Rhodes.