Unlikely pairing: WB, UPN tie knot

The arranged marriage between UPN and The WB, which will result in one strangely named network – The CW – next fall, throws together a pair of oddly disparate mates who otherwise never would have been caught dead together.

For more than a decade, the two so-called “netlets” not only were vicious rivals, but they also ran in totally different social circles. The WB was the knockout babe – or hot hunk – everyone wanted to be seen with at parties. Meanwhile, UPN was the bumbling little geek who kept finding ways to embarrass himself in public.

Emotional scars mark ‘Menagerie’

Rita Moreno has a lot to crow about – an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony, two Emmys, a daughter, a successful marriage.

So why has the actress-singer been dwelling lately on the lows, rather than the highs, of her extraordinary six decades in show business?

She blames her uncharacteristic funk on Amanda Wingfield, the manipulative mother in Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie.” First produced in 1944, it is now being not so much revived as re-imagined by the Berkeley Repertory Theatre (where it has been held over through June 18).

“I cannot tell you how many people see this play and say, “Oh, my God, it makes me think of my mother,”‘ says Moreno, 74, who was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in New York.

30 new TV series in fall lineup

They’re like lemmings in very expensive suits.

And this week in New York – with NBC the first of the networks to announce its new fall schedule – those highly compensated TV executives metaphorically run off a cliff.

NBC rebuilding all over again

Last year at this time, NBC’s Kevin Reilly was talking about how the 2005-06 season would be a rebuilding year for the network. He said basically the same thing Monday, but he said it with a little more conviction.

By Newhouse News Service