‘American Teacher’

FARMINGTON — On Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 6:30 p.m. at the University of Maine at Farmington, the Student Education Association of Maine (an affiliate of the Maine Education Association) will host a free screening of the film “American Teacher.” The screening is located in Thomas Auditorium, which is in Preble Hall on campus.

Teachers, other educators and those who want to know more about the realities of the teaching profession will be in attendance. A panel discussion will follow the film in which a conversation of what it’s really like to have a career in public education will ensue.

Extension met

WILTON — Wilton Day Homemakers Extension met on Feb. 9 at St. Luke’s Church. Community service projects blankets have three homes as soon as group members get them made. The group is also looking for volunteers to visit nursing homes to help do crafts with residents.

Can tabs were handed in; the group is still accepting more. A phone tree was made and passed around. Thank-you notes will go out to businesses that donated money for Flags for Maine Street. Jean Rand thanked group members for the card she received.

The program was on flag etiquette, presented by The Farmington Emblem Club. Peggy, Avis, Becky, Christine, Marge, Judy, Mabel, Kamila and Shannon  folded the flag, while the story was told of what each fold means.

May 19 is set up for a tentative date for the Flags on Maine Street to go up. Ann Ibagguan, Hazel Flagg and Lois King are on the committee to set everything up. Annette won the door prize. The topic of the next meeting will be Lyme disease, presented by Hazel Flagg. Lois and Connie are on the dinner committee. Everyone is to bring an item for a silent auction.