Bring our jobs home


For the past 50-plus years, the social academic-oriented side of our society has exported any industry that requires manual labor or industries that are “dirty.” Real wealth or real value is produced only when labor and talent is applied to basic resources to produce salable products. Be it by fishing, farming, mining or forestry, labor applied in these fields and subsequent technological manufacturing areas are the only employments that produce real income and real jobs.

Service employments can only survive when a manufacturing base provides the cash flow they require. It applies to most of the employment left in Maine. Casinos produce nothing and only add to the cash drain.

Today, we buy most products from outside of Maine, while real monetary production has slipped away to foreign places. This drain is why we are depressed.

It is time for the Feds to rescind a number of foreign trade agreements, tax laws and treaties that promoted the uneven playing field and eliminated native jobs. We may need to re-implement tariffs. Current trade agreements are allowing foreign countries to prohibit us from this avenue of equalization, and are keeping the playing field tilted in their favor. That has to change.

In any economy, regions depleted of their manufacturing sectors become impoverished and enslaved to more prosperous ones. Their source of wealth disappears and poverty prevails.

Members of Congress need to wake up and bring our jobs home! It’s economics 101, not rocket science.

Elbert Derick, Wales