Bruce McToose visits Paris


PARIS — Bruce McToose, wearing his signature Australian hat, ducked as he entered the Hannibal Hamlin library on Paris Hill.

“Watch your head,” he yelled as he went through the barely 5-foot-tall doorway to enter the small, two-story stone building that once housed a jail and is now a library and museum named after President Abraham Lincoln’s first term vice president, Hannibal Hamlin.

Josh Hrehovcik, who plays the role of Bruce McToose in the “Intrepid Traveler” TV show aired on several Maine stations, was back in Oxford County on Thursday. This time he was in search of the Eiffel Tower, and where else would he start the search but in Paris.

The series features the Australian-native character Bruce McToose, who is played by Hrehovcik, and is produced by his father, Steve. In the series, McToose wanders through the towns of Maine with “foreign” connections.

The series was initiated more than two years ago in Norway, when McToose came looking for the famous fjords, walked through various businesses downtown and ended up at Lake Pennesseewassee.

“I’m not sure how to adequately thank the people of Norway and Paris for their support of this project. It’s off the wall,” Hrehovcik said in between takes Thursday. “We hope it (the film) will bring people to these unique towns in Maine.”

Josh and Steve Hrehovcik came to Paris last week for preproduction and were thrilled by what they found to use in the film, including Paris Hill resident Wini Mott’s windmill, the former stone jailhouse on Paris Hill, and Maurice’s restaurant, whose French origins would fit right in in Paris, France.

Hrehovcik and his crew spent Thursday filming throughout these sites in Paris and others including the Paris Cape Historical Society and the post office on Paris Hill.

Several Paris residents will be featured in the show, including town historians Mott and Ben Conant, who guided McToose through the many historical artifacts housed in the Hamlin library.

“Ben has been the star of the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got his own show,” said Josh Hrehovcik as he chatted with Conant before filming got

The Paris segment is expected to air through PEG Media, which is public access television paid by cable companies through user subscriptions. The Hrehovciks have been working with Tony Vigue of the South Portland Community Television on the project.

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