Brunswick shelter seeking public comment


BRUNSWICK — The Coastal Humane Society has invited the Humane Society of the United States to visit its facility in Brunswick from March 30 through April 1 to evaluate how the shelter is doing.

HSUS, the world’s foremost authority on animal sheltering, will use a team of shelter experts to evaluate CHS’s animal care, protocol and community services. After the site visit, CHS will receive a comprehensive report from HSUS and their recommendations for any improvements.

“Coastal Humane Society is welcoming any and all constructive comments from citizens in the towns we serve.” said Karen Stimpson, executive director of CHS.

“By working together, CHS staff and volunteers, local animal control officers and members of the communities at large can help us become the best shelter we can be. While our primary services are directed toward companion animals, one of our main goals is to be as compassionate to people as we are to pets. It is only with input from those receiving our services that we are able to be the most helpful and effective.” Stimpson said.

Areas of focus for the Humane Society of the United States review are shelter operations, animal housing care and handling, shelter health and disease control, animal adoptions and financial management.

CHS Humane Society serves pets and pet owners in12 towns in Cumberland, Sagadahoc and Androscoggin counties.


CHS is requesting public opinion on what it is doing well, what needs improvement and what it could do more of. Anyone who has visited the shelter recently might comment on his/her experience there. All communication and comments should be sent directly to the HSUS and may be requested to remain anonymous; confidentiality will be maintained by HSUS staff.

Comments can be sent by e-mail to [email protected]; by regular mail to HSUS Animal Services Consultation Group, 2100 L Street, NW; Washington, DC 20037; or by fax to 301-258-3081. In all communication, please include the subject line: RE. Coastal Humane Society, Manager Shelter Services.

Public comments should be received by April 12.