My gripe is when a big department store doesn’t accommodate the handicapped with some benches to sit on or electric carts. They are losing out, as there are many handicapped customers who would like to shop and browse around, but their legs would give out. I’d say, if they want to make more of a profit, don’t miss out on this one.

— No name please

Lewiston should prohibit left turns onto Bates Street from Main Street to keep traffic flowing better downtown. There’s only one business between Main Street and Lowell Street, with easy access from Middle or Hammond streets with “left turn only” lanes.

— Anonymous

Drivers who think they need “running” lights! Get over it! Cars are made with headlights and you are provided high beams when necessary. No one NEEDS “running” lights. They are out of control. Some of them are brighter than regular headlights. They are blinding. I’ve had enough! Whenever there is a car coming towards me, I will turn on my high beams. Everyone, let’s turn on our high beams when being approached by someone with an “extra” set of headlights. Maybe some of them will get the point!

— Anonymous

Stop the bickering! From cell phone ads to satellite T.V. ads, and flowers and florist ads. Stop slamming each other. We have had enough of the negative ads. Shut the hell up!

— Anonymous

My gripe is when I am driving along Minot Avenue and cars pull up behind me and pass me on the right and cut across in front of me and go left, especially near Fairview School. It’s a school zone!

— Gordon

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