Buckfield Rescue chief named


BUCKFIELD – Selectmen voted unanimously Tuesday to appoint Lisa Buck as Buckfield Rescue chief, effective immediately.

She replaces Tony Lord.

At their meeting June 19, selectmen voted not to approve Buck as chief because they had received so many phone calls.

However, members of the rescue team backed Buck, and the board thought it was necessary to get more feedback and references on both Lord and Buck, and the rescue members.

They voted to extend Lord’s term for 60 days while they studied information gathered at a meeting with rescue team members.

Board Chairman Skip Stanley said Tuesday that he compiled all the information from that meeting and recommended Buck be named.

“Both applicants are very qualified,” Stanley said. “All the members of the team felt that either Lord or Buck could do the job.

“The town is looking for a leader who everyone will follow and who has a vision to bring the unit even higher than it is today. They must be a team leader. It is my hope that Lord and Buck can shake hands and work together,” Stanley said.

“I would like to continue to be a part of the unit and pass on some of my ideas,” Lord said.

Buck said she was open to any information Lord had concerning the team.

Lord has been with the rescue service on and off for approximately 14 years, and Buck has been with the unit for 11 years.

Buckfield Rescue has 19 members, and all are certified emergency medical technicians except the three drivers.

Town Manager Glen Holmes asked that the rescue team consider taking part in the planning of the Labor Day parade.

There will be a meeting July 30 at the Municipal Center. All interested parties are asked to attend.