Buckfield selectmen mull grader’s fate


BUCKFIELD — Selectmen decided to table a resident’s request to remove a long-forgotten grader from town property and refurbish it into a lawn ornament until they got more information about the equipment.

At Tuesday’s Buckfield Board of Selectmen meeting, Town Manager Cindy Dunn informed the board about Charles Rabon’s inquiry into the grader behind the Rescue Department’s substation on Loring Hill Road.

“I tell you, I learn something new every single day in this job,” Dunn said, laughing.

She noted she had no idea the piece of equipment was there. Road Foreman Tyler Belanger went to check out the grader at Dunn’s request and confirmed that it had been sitting there for years, as there is vegetation growing through it.

Rabon told Dunn he would remove the piece of machinery at no cost to the town, but had to cross abutting property owners’ land to remove it, she said.

“It is my understanding this discussion has already taken place and is good to go,” Dunn said about the need for Rabon to remove it across the neighbor’s property. “It is of no value to the town of Buckfield. … I would want some liability waiver … if, God forbid, anything should happen, the town is waived of all liability.”

After a pause from selectmen, Dunn suggested they table the request and she could gather photos to bring to the trio.

“My concern about it is are other people going to come in and say, ‘Hey we didn’t have an opportunity,’” Selectman Scott Violette said.

Selectmen Chair Cheryl Coffman made a motion to table the item and revisit it at the next selectmen’s meeting Tuesday, Aug. 18. It passed unanimously.

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