Budget Committee proposes $4.95M budget, $65,123 less than commissioners


FARMINGTON — The Franklin County Budget Committee is recommending a $4.95 million budget for 2010-11.

The Committee finalized its proposal on Thursday, county Deputy Treasurer Charisse Keach said Friday. It will go to public hearing at 6 p.m. Monday, June 14, in the Franklin County Superior Courtroom.

The proposal represents a $55,150 increase over the current budget. The Committee’s spending package is $65,123 less than the Commissioners’ proposed budget of $5 million. The Commissions’ proposal is $120,273 more than the current budget.

The major difference between the two budgets is in recommended amounts for program grants, Keach said.

Commissioners are recommending $270,860 and the Budget Committee is recommending $211,110. The social service agencies and other services requested a total of $296.460 to help with programs.

The Budget Committee recommends zero funds be raised for Western Maine Transportation, Threshold to Maine and SeniorsPlus. Budget Committee members are concerned that some areas of the county are not being served by these agencies, Budget Committee Chairman John Calloway said Friday.


Commissioners recommend $20,000 be raised for Western Maine Transportation, $750 for Threshold to Maine, and $36,000 for SeniorsPlus.

The Budget Committee’s proposal also includes money to put Register of Probate Joyce Morton and Register of Deeds Sue Black on the 20-year level on the pay scale, Calloway said.

Morton has worked for the county for 41 years and Black has worked for 25 years. Neither position has been included in the pay scale in the commissioners’ proposal.

The increase would add $473 for Morton and $529 for Black, according to information they submitted to the Budget Committee.

The Committee is expected to vote on its proposal following the hearing. It will then go before the commissioners for a vote. To override the Budget Committee’s budget, it would take two-thirds vote to send it back for further review.

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