Budget gap is irresponsible


How many of you reading this letter are expecting an increase in your paychecks this year? Have you gone out and bought a new car because you think you might get a raise? Did the bank go along with this? I think not!

What a bonehead move by our spend-crazy city manager. A $1.1 million budget gap! And, we all know, he will blame the state for not passing the appropriate legislation to allow our city to bury someone else’s trash that they do not want in their city.

I have an idea: Let’s bury it in Mr. Bennett’s back yard; let us see how he likes that.

We can take care of the $1.1 million gap by getting rid of the one responsible. If this were in any other business and a mistake of this magnitude were made, the responsible party would be GONE! Doesn’t he have a performance clause in his contract?

Time to regroup, folks. Mr. Bennett has spent every dollar he could find and then some.

Hold on! Those of us on fixed incomes will soon fall prey to his antics. Between the oil companies ripping us off and the idiots running our local, state and federal governments, there will not be anything left after taxes and oil.

Paul L. Parquette, Lewiston