Building character in foster children


“I think I’m a lot different than a lot of people. I’m one of the most independent people. Everything I’ve been through has made me like that.”

Those are the words of 18-year-old Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School senior and foster child Angelena, who prefers not to use her last name to protect her location.

Angelena’s idea of independence includes handing over two of her hard-earned paychecks from her job as a certified nursing assistant to help surviving foster children of hurricanes Rita and Katrina.

More impressive, Angelena, a foster child since she was 10, also wants to delve into psychology and bioscience to advance our understanding of how the needs of foster children differ from those raised in biological families.

But she doesn’t want to focus only on needs. Angelena wants to understand the character strengths foster children develop, how they stand out and how they often contribute.

This outstanding young woman, who is a credit to Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School, offers promise to foster children who depend on resiliency to survive.