No more Bushes, I hope


The U.S. went into the so-called Iraq war because of lies and deceit about the possibility of chemical/biological weapons. It was also to end the regime of Saddam Hussein.

But we learned that there were no chemical or biological weapons. And the Iraqis didn’t have the capability to make any. The war has cost this country more than 3,000 American lives; a war that President Bush calls just.

How can this be a just war? American officials started the war after giving the American people false claims that Iraq had, or were supporting, terrorists. None of that has been proven.

Americans have finally come to some reasonable sense that the war is unjust and uncalled for. We want our troops back, but the Bush people say that if we pull out now, we lose.

The war is not a ballgame where there is a winner and loser.

Administration officials have claimed that if troops are pulled out, this country will lose face with our allies. We already have. Why would other countries want to help us in Iraq when we deceived them in the first place? We can’t even tell the truth.

I support our troops, and I do not like that they have been thrown into a situation that has no end in sight.

I hope there are no more Bushes who run for president.

Gerry Labrie, Auburn