Business Day at the Statehouse


The Maine State Chamber of Commerce is hosting its fourth annual Business Day at the Statehouse on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Hall of Flags (Statehouse, second floor). The purpose of this event is to emphasize the importance of preserving and retaining our existing jobs, strengthening our economy through the creation of new opportunities, and keeping Maine businesses competitive in this very fragile economy.

As we all know, businesses today are struggling and thousands of Maine people are out of work. Business Day at the Statehouse is a prime opportunity for businesses to connect with Maine legislators and tell them firsthand the struggles they are facing in an effort to improve Maine’s economy.

Given all of the business issues before the Maine Legislature, Maine’s business community needs to have a great turnout. We believe it is very important to have as many people on-hand as possible!

Encourage your employees to attend as well. Please contact Linda Caprara, director of grassroots advocacy, by calling 207-623-4568 ext. 16, or by emailing [email protected] to let her know if you can attend, and how many people you will be bringing. With your participation, the “Voice of Maine Business” will resonate throughout Augusta!