C. Doyle: Reporting abuse does not create ‘victims’


Sgt. Michael Edes described those who came forward with harassment claims as “victims,” which they were, initially, at the hands of their abusers (Dec. 27).

However, once they made the brave decision to no longer be victims, they should in no way feel any humiliation or indignation and should be supported wholeheartedly by those who value principals, justice and what is right. It seems that the law enforcement community should be the first in line.

These people stood up for what is right in very difficult situations, which could have (and in some instances has) resulted in the loss of their livelihood. It also takes a great emotional toll on them and their families. They are to be commended, and no one should indicate that they have anything to be ashamed of.

They did nothing wrong. They took the road that takes courage and perseverance and should be very proud of their actions and who they are.

Charlene Doyle, Auburn