C. Gott: Need designated smoking areas


Another fair season is over for my husband and me. We went to Windsor, Oxford and Cumberland and had to leave all three because of all the people who were smoking around us.

My husband and I both have COPD and cannot be around cigarette smoke.

People are not allowed to smoke in restaurants, so why is it OK for people to smoke while they stand in line waiting for food at the fairs, or while sitting beside us while we eat? That is still a public place.

At the Oxford Fair, my sister and I went so we could see Charley Pride. My husband had to leave because he couldn’t breath there were so many people smoking. I stayed because that was a dream come true for me to see Pride in person. But I could not enjoy it with my husband.

When I left there, my throat hurt and my lungs felt like I had smoked a pack of cigarettes, plus I had a migraine the next day.

We are not going to Fryeburg this year because we know it will be the same as the other fairs — lots of smoking with lots of people. That is a public event and people should not be allowed to smoke wherever they please. There should be designated smoking areas and someone to enforce it.

I hope someone in the Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs can do something about that. We really love the state fairs but not all the cigarette smoke.

Carol Gott, Sabattus