C. Murray: Will tackle problems head on


Farmington and New Sharon suffer from lack of jobs and restricted access to health care. Additionally, due partly to the state not paying 55 percent of RSU 9 expenses and reducing its contribution to the highway expenses, local property taxes have risen.

Ed David will tackle those problems head on.

Having been a selectman and on the board of a number of charitable organizations, I have witnessed him serving on town committees, on the board of Greater Franklin Development and in other capacities that brought me to understand how effective he is and how much he loves the area and cares for its people.

These are difficult times for getting legislation passed in the gridlocked Legislature. His years as an attorney and working out settlements with people and courts emphasizes how valuable he would be at this time.

I will be voting for Ed David.

He will work his heart out for everyone.

Charley Murray, Farmington