Calvary Christian Academy


TURNER – The Calvary Christian Academy Elementary School third-quarter honor roll has been announced.

Grade one

High honors: Aidan Kelley and Faithe Russell.

A-B honors: Gavin Shaw and Abigail Weeks.

Grade two

High honors: Kathryn Grimbilas.

A-B honors: Sarah Fortin.

Grade three

High honors: Aiden Heikkinen and Briton Kelley.

A-B honors: Jacob Berry, Maria Fuentes, Rebecca Harvey.

Grade four

A-B honors: MacKenzie Travers, Cody Weeks and Abigail Woodward.

Grade five

High honors: Kyle Hewitt.

A-B honors: Ashley Mackin and Emily Willett.

Grade six

High honors: Dan Heuveline and Justin Mackin.

A-B honors: Andrew Carr.

The Calvary Junior and Senior High School honors are announced.

Grade seven

High honors: Blaine Heikinen.

A-B honors: Elizabeth Knightly.

Grade eight

High honors: Luke Fortin, Brianna Russell and Rebekah Willett.

A-B honors: Damon Freeman, Shawn Hamm, Joshua Lilley, Kourtney Weeks.

Grade nine

A-B honors: Allison Clark, Nick Shaw and Cyre Simard.

Grade 10

A-B honors: Jeff Harvey and Bethany Lilley.

Grade 11

High honors: Stevie Field and John Grimbilas.

A-B honors: Craig Fortin and Nikki Hamm.

Grade 12

A-B honors: Erin Johnston and Matt Varney.