Camp Rangeley applicants courting community


RANGELEY – In hopes of swaying public opinion in their favor, mother-and-son landowners Mary and Hermie Glick, who have been trying to win town approval to build a summer camp on Round Pond, have invited about 100 local business owners and residents to their home next Saturday for an information session about the proposed camp.

New York-based Mary Glick said Thursday her son, Hermie, has about 10 years of experience in the summer camp business and after spending summers learning to love the outdoors in camps as a child, she said he bought 300 acres in Rangeley hoping to open a camp of his own in town.

If permitted, Camp Rangeley, as the Glicks hope it will be called, will at first host 200 campers at a time during the seven-week session, and may later expand to host 400 at a time. As planned, the camp, consisting of rustic cabins and a dining lodge, will be concentrated on a 50-acre parcel nearest the pond, and from there the campers will be encouraged to take part in team sports, swimming, kayaking, hiking, and other typical summer camp activities.

Camp Rangeley has been fiercely opposed by many Rangeley residents, who see it as a danger to Round Pond and fear that the addition of hundreds of campers, counselors and staffers during an already busy time of year will change the feel of the town. Some residents are hoping to rezone the Glick’s land to not allow camping, both to protect Round Pond and to prevent the camp from coming to town.

Mary Glick said she and her son will be showing visitors at next Saturday’s meeting their plans for the camp, in hopes of swaying public opinion in their favor. “We’re going to be trying to bring the business community together in order to show what the plans are and gain some support, and to explain why doing extreme rezoning on our land might not be fair,” she said.

Rangeley “seems to be a beautiful area,” to build a camp, she said.