Canton selectmen OK rules for meetings


CANTON — The Board of Selectmen on Thursday night approved rules for its meetings that require anyone wishing to speak to fill out a form five days beforehand.

Selectman Scotty Kilbreth presented the list of rules, which will be read at the beginning of each meeting.

“This is so people will understand that while the selectmen meetings are public proceedings, the public has no right to participate unless the board allows it or the meeting is scheduled as a public hearing,” he said.

Anyone who wishes to speak at a board meeting must file a written request with the Town Office at least five days before the meeting.

Fifteen minutes will be allowed for open discussion and discussion will be conducted with no yelling, swearing or belittling, the rules state. Anyone who does will be asked to sit down and if they refuse they’ll be asked to leave. If they don’t, police will be called to remove them and charges filed.

The board will also handle all personnel issues in executive session with the person present.

Also Thursday night, the board finalized requirements for an administrative assistant. The person will serve as tax collector, treasurer, town clerk, registrar of voters, secretary, bill collector and do other related tasks.

The deadline for applications is March 8.

Selectman Donald Hutchins clarified the town’s policy on General Assistance.

“The bottom line is that people who actually need help will receive that help,” he said. “Spring is coming and there will be lots of outside work for people to help. There will also be help needed in the Town Office. We want to assure that assistance gets to the people in need and those who are able give something back to the town,” he said.

Kilbreth reported that the Maine Department of Transportation will be widening Bog Brook Bridge on Route 140 and a public meeting on the project is set for 6 p.m. March 15. The project is listed on the 2012-13 work plan at a cost of $300,000, according to the MDOT website.