They don’t care


The arrogance of the Republicans takes my breath away!

The same party that threatened to make the health care bill President Obama’s Waterloo is now decrying the “lack of bipartisanship” in the bill.

There seems to be a willful lack of understanding of what bipartisanship means on Republicans’ part. It means compromise — agreeing to some things you don’t like in order to get some things you do.

What they wanted was a Republican bill that would help hardly anyone, passed by a Democratically controlled House and Senate. They never showed any sign of being the partners the Democrats needed for bipartisanship

The Republicans who tried to work with Democrats to craft a compromise bill early on were pressured by their party to quit. In fact, instead of participating in the political process, they did everything to block it. They decided that, for the sake of their party, not the American people, working with the Democrats to reform health care was a bad idea.

During the eight years the Republicans were in charge, did they do anything about health care? No!

They don’t care about the American people.

Thank goodness Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree had the courage to vote for health care reform.

I’m confident that, as people learn more about what’s really in the health care reform bill and what, like the supposed death panels, are just Republican lies, they’re going to be glad that the Democrats passed it.

Kenlyn Clark, Dryden