The case against carpets


I don’t know the wording, reason or motive for LD 20, a bill before the Legislature to prohibit carpet in Maine schools. I do know, however, why carpeting should not be in classrooms.

Milk, snack foods, glue, markers, crayons, staples, glitter, urine, vomit and blood have all made it to the floor, and, on occasion, feces have been known to slide down a kindergartner’s pant leg.

There are also many unpleasant substances that come in on the bottoms of shoes and boots. (People who walk their dogs on school playgrounds, please take note.)

Bodily fluids are usually cleaned up right away. Everything else is ground in all day until it is cleaned at night. Tile floors can be wet-mopped and disinfected, leaving them clean. Carpets may be vacuumed daily, but extracted at best only a few times a year. Spot cleaning does not do a good job. Kids lie on, roll, sit and otherwise touch carpets daily.

Not good.

Bert Pare, Lewiston