Where did Catholic thrift shop go?


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Could you tell me where St. Vincent’s thrift store has moved to? It was on Ash Street. Or is it out of business?

Also, do you have any people in the Rolodex for movers? I’d like to move (not far), on a weekend if possible. I can’t pay much on my budget.

Thank you for your column! — No Name, Lewiston

ANSWER: Sun Spots really hates to disappoint her readers, but she has no answer for either of your questions.

The phone number for the thrift shop is disconnected. But surely a reader will be able to help clear up that mystery.

As for movers, renting a truck is quite inexpensive. Sun Spots rented one for a day to haul hay for her animals, and it was $30 a day plus a per-mile fee. Sun Spots also recommends the insurance, which was about $15.

Once you have the truck, you just need some muscle. Do you or your friends have any older grandchildren or know some college students whom you might be able to hire? Or perhaps readers will be able to help with this question as well.

HI, SUN SPOTS! Thank you so much for all that you do. I have a question regarding the recent sudden closure of Aubuchon Hardware in Lewiston. I purchased all of my dog food there and was a member of a frequent buyers club (buy 10 bags, get one free).

Now that they have closed will these records be transferred to another store or am I out of luck? Thanks for your help! — Kim Walker, Lewiston

ANSWER: It took a few calls, but finally Sun Spots got an answer. The Augusta store thought the records were all being transferred to Lisbon Falls, but Cory, the manager at the Lisbon Falls Aubuchon, wasn’t sure.

He called his district manager for an answer and discovered that letters will be sent to customers telling them they can transfer their points to another store. Cory said they are being given a choice, because even though his store is the closest to the old store he might not be the most convenient for all customers.

The letters have not been sent yet, but they are working on it.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thanks so much for all the help you give people. I’m trying to find someone who could repair my combo record-radio-tape-CD player. — No Name via email

ANSWER: Sun Spots has three possibilities in her Rolodex. However, she is not sure if the last two are still in business. They didn’t respond to her calls.

* Deny’s Service Center, 125 Sabattus St., Lewiston, 207-783-6869

* JD Electronics, 193 North Raymond Road, Poland, 207-998-5687

* Maurice Belanger, Belanger’s Electronics, 153 Ferry Road, Lewiston, ME 04240. 207-784-2731

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The last page of section A in the newspaper has weather “around the nation” with the the high and low temperatures of various cities. Being an avid traveler and also having a daughter who lives in Los Angeles, I am always looking at this information.

However, for the past few days Los Angeles has not been listed as it has in the past. Why was it dropped from the list and will it be included again at some point? I certainly would like to see it again. Thanks. — Louise Dufour, [email protected]

ANSWER: By now you should have noticed the return of the other LA to the listings. There are a couple of factors involved in the selection of cities for that list. One is reader requests like yours. Another is technology.

The Sun Journal gets that list from a service and the formatting can sometimes be a problem. If LA disappears again, don’t fear, it will return!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On Oct. 10 my dog was struck by a car on Webster Street in Lewiston. I am reaching out to the gentleman who hit him, the nice lady who stopped to help and the young couple who rushed him to the emergency vet hospital. I want nothing more than to know that all of you are OK after this trauma. Please call me at 754-3350, and thanks to all of you for the dignity in which you all handled this tragic event. — [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I was grateful for someone offering help in changing the language from Russian to English in my son’s Chromebook computer (Sept. 30). We were given a website to go to, and by making a few phone calls we were able to make the transfer. I would like to thank that person very much. Now my son is able to use the computer, rather than trash it. Thanks again. — Ray, Greene

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