Cause of the problem


In her letter, printed Feb. 22, Mary McRae points out that through a professional administration augmented by dedicated doctors and staff, Central Maine Medical Center has become a beacon, delivering quality health care to Lewiston-Auburn and the surrounding communities. She was perplexed by the negative article (Health and Wealth, Feb. 14) and posed a legitimate question: “What is the hidden agenda?”

The article’s focus on salaries, in my opinion, was nothing more than a red herring used to create class envy, deflecting the real problem: the Maine Legislature’s ineptness in prioritizing and dealing with fiscal problems.

They have failed to create legislation dealing with the root cause of this problem: the influx into Maine of foreign and domestic populations with no visible means of support but taxpayers’ dollars. Instead, they introduce legislation designed to cheat hospitals out of what is rightly owed them.

It is a credit to hospital administrations that through their creativity, vision and ability to think out of the box, they are able to overcome large fiscal deficits created by the Maine Legislature and continue to provide quality health care and good-paying jobs.

Thankfully, members of the current Legislature are not running the hospitals. Applying their combined skills to hospital problems would result in an unemployment rate of 20 percent and require a trip to Portsmouth, N.H., for emergency care and general medical procedures.

Robert Macdonald, Lewiston