‘Celebrity In Death’ well worth celebrating


“Celebrity In Death,” by J.D. Robb; Putnam, 389 pages $27.95 (hardcover)

Count down the days and celebrate the fact that the next J.D. Robb book will be on the shelves next Tuesday.

It’s definitely something worth celebrating.

“Celebrity in Death” is a sterling example of why this is perhaps the best ongoing series in any genre. No characters are better portrayed, no stories better written and no plots better developed than Robb’s (aka Nora Roberts) “in Death” books.

These are just great stories with awesome characters.

In this latest installment, the movie about one of Eve’s former murder investigations (the Icove case) is being filmed. Eve and Roarke are at a cast party when one of the celebrities is killed. Of course, that is just the beginning.


Having a movie being made about a former case, with actors portraying the “real” investigators on the case, makes for some entertaining moments. Of course, that is nothing new for the stories in these series.

The appeal of these books, the magic, is the writing.

Within the first two dozen pages, there is a witty, snappy and wholly entertaining dialog between Eve and Roarke guaranteed to make you grin. These fabulous dialogs are perhaps the biggest highlights of a flawless series written by an author who excels at her craft and has no equal in her profession.

And as is the case with Eve and Roarke stories, it only gets better after that. It’s not just witty banter between the couple, but often tender, romantic moments that make readers sigh.

And it’s not just the banter between Eve and Roarke that is such a hallmark of these stories, but the repartee between Eve and Peabody, Eve and Feeney and many of the other characters as well.

While Roarke is the most compelling, appealing and all-around awesome hero ever written, Eve is the star of this series. Her attitude, especially about Roarke’s wealth and power, make for many fun scenes, as does her sarcasm, wit and intelligence.

How it stacks up

Overall rating: 5 of 5 hearts. There can be no better stories than Robb’s “In Death” series. To read these books are to love these books. The only bad thing about reading about Roarke and Eve is that the stories end, and you have to wait a few more months to immerse yourself into “Dallas world” again.

Hunk appeal: 10-plus, plus, infinity … No one does it — anything — better than Roarke.

Steamy scene grade: XXXXX. No one does it better.

Happily-ever-after: Awesome, because everything about this book is awesome. It’s sad to sit Eve and company aside until the next installment, but it’s always good to watch Eve catch the murderer and go home with Roarke.