Central Maine Christian Academy


LEWISTON – Central Maine Christian Academy, 390 Main St., recently held an awards ceremony for the second quarter.

The following students received high honor certificates: Lex-C Jimenez, Emily Cormier, Brandyn Hobbs and Sarah Beecher.

Second honor students receiving awards were: Garrett Glass, Rebecca Chabot, Ashley Fenderson, Courtney Fenderson, John Field, Dan Ouellette, Nick Conant, Peter Field and Eugene Field.

Perfect attendance awards for the first quarter went to the following students: Cheyenne French, Cameron Winslow, Jarred Vandeymark, Tim Larsen, Gabrielle St. Hilaire, Amy Jordan, Allison Beecher, Jewels Gagne, Brandyn Hobbs, Emily Cormier, Lex-C Jimenez, Jessica Beecher, Zachary Stiles, Sean Lewis, Ashley Paquette, Daniel Ouellette, George Glass, Amanda Fenderson, Chad Jones, Jon Gray, Peter Field, Eugene Field, Aaron Lindahl, Stuart Lindahl and Mike Nyberg.