Change or get left behind


In response to Donald W. Linscott Jr.’s letter of April 29, titled “Celebrate actual Memorial Day,” there are several discrepancies.

First, we are the L & A Veterans Council Inc. and not an association. The council was not created just to see that Memorial Day and Veterans Day would always be recognized.

Second, this is not the second year in a row that the Memorial Day parade was held on a Saturday. Last year, it was held on Monday, the actual Memorial Day.

The L & A Veterans Council consists of 10 different military organizations and the majority voted for the council to be in charge of the parade this year, and to have it on Saturday, May 27.

Years ago, there were no malls and all other stores were closed on holidays and, therefore, many people participated in parades and bystanders turned out to watch. Today, many people go away for the holiday weekend, go shopping or work outside at their home.

The council will be flagging several cemeteries in Lewiston, with over 2,000 flags just in St. Peter’s Cemetery alone. Why does Auburn VFW think they have to do it on a Saturday, just days before Memorial Day?

Their poppy sale can also be held on a different weekend.

I get tired of hearing people say, “This is the way it has always been done.” The world has changed and people need to change with it or be left behind.

Gerry N. Cain, Lewiston, L & A Veterans Council