Children learn facts about animal tracks


NORWAY – More than two dozen children and parents gathered recently at the Norway Memorial Library for Fun with Animal Tracks led by Jim Chandler, director of the Land Lab in Auburn.

The children became track detectives as they learned to read the clues left by Maine animals. Chandler read two books to them before teaching them the secret codes needed to identify tracks in the mud, dirt or snow. The children learned that there are four patterns that animals use to get from place to place.

The children then had an opportunity to choose an animal they wanted to pretend to be and leave a track pattern for others to detect. Other activities included stamping animal tracks, making animal track rubbings from stencils, and identifying plaster casts of animal tracks. Everyone was encouraged to study their backyards for tracks.

The children’s program was presented as one of the activities of The One Book One Community program featured at libraries.