Children need to be supervised


I am writing in response to the March 30 article about the young girl colliding with a vehicle on Tall Pines Drive.

I also live on Tall Pines Drive, though not in River Valley Village, and I used to cut through that area to avoid Main Street congestion. I stopped driving through there after the many close calls I had with children playing in the street. They run across the road, from one house to another, without even looking for cars.

This past winter I swerved to avoid some children sledding down a hill and into the road. These children’s parents do not watch them. They have obviously never been taught to be cautious of vehicles.

The problem is not the drivers in the neighborhood; it is inattentive and irresponsible parenting. I can’t believe accidents like that don’t happen more often.

Hopefully this will serve as a wake-up call to parents, and they will begin supervising their children when they play outside.

Lisa Garey, Lewiston