Chin the obvious choice for mayor


Lewiston faces a stark choice on Dec. 12 about what kind of city residents want it to be. Do people want the city to be known for economic growth and innovation? A place where excellent services and a beautiful environment attract new residents? A community that welcomes people of many different backgrounds?

If so, the choice in the mayoral runoff is clear. Ben Chin has the vision, the energy and the talent to bring change to Lewiston. Under his leadership, Lewiston will be able to realize its potential. I hope all my friends and neighbors will get out and vote for Ben Chin.

Kiernan Majerus-Collins, Lewiston

  • RegMainer

    Huh? Another Bates student from out of state endorsing someone for ideas that won’t he need to live under. BTW…socialism does not bring innovation and ideas. As for Lewiston residents, we do welcome people of different backgrounds, and have for years, when they come to work.

    • Sorry RegMainer, but I live in Lewiston. My parents live in Auburn. This community is my home.

  • CL

    Gladly and it’s done.