Church to observe World Day of Prayer


RUMFORD — On Friday, March 2, women around the world will be celebrating World Day of Prayer. In Rumford this celebration will be hosted by the Rumford United Methodist Church. The service will take place at 2 p.m. in the Virgin Chapel on Linnell Street.

The theme this year is “Let Peace Prevail” and features stories about women in Malaysia who strive to be neighbors within their multi-religious country and among a Muslim majority.

Several churches have already been contacted and will be supplying readers. These include Holy Savior, Rumford Baptist, Mexico Baptist, Mexico Congregational, Dixfield Congregational, Andover Congregational, St. Barnabas, West Peru Baptist and Dixfield Nazarene.

There will be a choir and although several women have already committed to sing, there is room for more. The singing will consist in leading the attendees in hymns as well as singing one or two hymns as anthems. The rehearsal for the choir and the speakers will Friday, Feb. 24, at 2 p.m. in the chapel on Linnell Street.

Any woman who wishes to be part of the choir should just attend the rehearsal. Any reader or singer must attend the rehearsal in order to read or sing on March 2. The women pastors in the area will also be part of the service. Light refreshments will be served following the service.