Church Trees of Peace and Love a success


WATERFORD — There was something new to celebrate the Christmas season in the Oxford County United Parish, made up of the churches of North Waterford and East Stoneham.

On the lawn of each church, a Tree of Peace and Love was set up, covered with strings of the traditional colored lights. But as the days progressed toward Christmas, the colored lights changed one by one to white ones, as community members were invited to “buy a white light bulb” with a donation in recognition or memory of an individual or to express a prayerful thought.

The names and prayers were written on folded paper birds, which have become a symbol of peace, and hung on the tree as the light was changed to white. Paper cranes were also hung with the names of service men and women from the community, who also received a card in recognition of their service to the country.

The Trees of Peace and Love were a success. The money raised will be used for the parish missions. The churches are already planning for the trees next year.