Church versus state


Separation of church and state? I think not.

The intent of forming this country was not only to remove residents from leadership from a king who was across the ocean, but to allow the government to govern without the ideals of religion making its way into the legal systems and laws.

If that is so, why is it that same-sex marriage is constantly held back?

A great majority of the people who do not support said marriages are of religious backgrounds, which is going completely against the U.S. Constitution.

Not allowing same-sex marriages in a church is one thing, but a legal marriage is recognized only by the state and federal governments.

Why are people allowing the government to be run by religion?


It’s time people were given the freedoms they deserve, even if it offends a group of people who refuse to see marriage as anything other than between a man and a woman.

Zackery Pomerleau, Auburn