Government at a glance

 Board: Turner Selectmen

 Met: Monday, March 1

 Budget shortfalls

 The issue: Recommendations were made at the last meeting to transfer funds to cover overdrafts in several departments.

 The scoop: The board reviewed finance reports from February that detailed the departments whose budgets were either overdrawn or in danger of being overdrawn. Because of those concerns, the following articles will be on the warrant at town meeting: A request that $7,000 be transferred from the Leavitt Institute Building Fund to cover current overages in other town departments; a request to allow unused funds from the winter road account to be transferred to the public works garage account; and a request that $15,000 from the general fund be used to cover expenditures of Turner Rescue.

Voters at town meeting April 9-10 will have three options for the 2010-2011 municipal budget: $2,544,401, which reflects original funding requests; $2,352,004, which is the selectmen’s recommendation and includes a 1.5 percent salary increase for all town employees and a $65,000 reduction in the budget for paving and construction; $2,415,371, which is the Budget Committee’s recommendation and includes full funding for paving and construction totaling $425,000 and no pay increase for employees, as well as other, smaller, differences.

 Up next: Town meeting April 9 and 10.

 Annual road maintenance inquiry

 The issue: The board reviewed a transportation project request from the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments to the Maine Department of Transportation.

 The scoop: Selectmen suggested attention be focused on Upper Street, Route 117 to North Parish Road, and portions of Route 219 and Center Bridge Road.

 Up next: AVCOG will submit the project request to MDOT.

Recycling center

 The issue: New equipment is needed for the recycling center.

 The scoop: The board reviewed proposals for increasing the efficiency of the center.

 Up next: Containers will be rearranged, and the old compactor used to pack paper.

Old Town House

 The issue: Three pending projects at the Old Town House need to be funded.

 The scoop: The board requested the release of funds from the historic building reserve to have trees removed from around the building, restore the foundation, and repair framing and the roof.

 Up next: Details of the work are being prepared so bids can be solicited within the next few weeks.

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