City arborist looking for tree to celebrate holidays


LEWISTON — With planning for the eighth annual Twin Cities Holiday Celebration under way, Lewiston is seeking the donation of a tree for the Dec. 3 Parade of Lights and holiday festivities.

The location for siting is still being considered.

City Arborist Steve Murch is seeking a spruce tree that is 35 to 45 feet tall with a “good full shape and single stem.” The tree needs to be easily accessible, i.e., not growing into power lines and not in a backyard, and it also needs to be located within the city.

If interested in donating such a tree, residents may contact Murch at 513-3003, ext. 3443; TTY/TDD: 513-3007 or via [email protected]

Murch will inspect suggested trees, and by mid-November, the owner of the selected tree will be notified. In addition, the city will return to the donating resident’s property in the spring to grind the stump and loam/seed the area.