City seeks opinons on one-way Vale Street


LEWISTON — Plans call for making Vale Street a one-way road, but city officials want the public’s input on which direction it should go.

The city is moving its senior citizen programs to the Lewiston Armory on Central Avenue this spring. Part of that work calls for making Vale Street a one-way road between Sabattus Street and Central Avenue.

“But the question we have is, one way in which direction?” said Public Works Director Dave Jones.

A meeting to discuss the change is scheduled for 7 p.m. March 5 in Lewiston City Hall.

The city plans on beginning the $380,000 renovation at the armory. That includes an elevator for seniors, a senior entrance on the Vale Street side and soundproofing for the rooms.

Plans also call for adding 50 parking spaces around the building. The city plans to build a lot between Central Avenue and the front of the building. But between 14 and 18 spaces would go along Vale Street, narrowing the road to one travel lane.

“The police like the idea of having traffic go from Sabattus to Central because there is a traffic light where Central and Sabattus meet,” Jones said. “It makes a safer way to go. Going the other way, one way from Central to Sabattus, there’s no street light on Sabattus. So it’s not as safe.”

But Jones said it may be more logical for people driving to the armory to be able to pull in and park, right off of Central Avenue.

“We figure people are going to have opinions about this, so that’s what we want to hear,” Jones said. “We just want to listen to what people have to say.”

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