Civic Oration


On Thursday, March 30, 12 students from St. Peter and Sacred Heart School participated in the Modern Woodmen School Speech Contest. All of the students had to write a three to five minute speech about the topic “My State.” All of the students in the Jr. High were required to write a speech, but 12 were picked after a preliminary round. Some students wrote about their favorite town in Maine, their favorite animal of Maine, or their favorite season.

The 12 students who participated were Dayle Jordan, Dana Davis, Emmy Rioux, Kaitlin Mador, Marie Frechette, Amanda Turcotte, Lee Morin, Rich Lamarre, Kirsten Poulin, Adam Meservier, Catherine Clukey and Emily Connor. The three judges, who had the tough task of picking the winners, were Fr. Kevin Martin, Chris Moreau and Valerie Ouellette.

Finally after listening to all the speeches and some tough deliberation the winners were picked. First place went to Adam Meservier; a seventh grader whose speech was about Somerset County. Second place went to Dana Davis; an eighth grader whose speech was about how Maine became the great state it is today. Third place went to Emily Connor; a sixth grader whose speech was about fall in Maine.

On April 27, Adam and Dana will be competing at Cathedral School in Portland. If they advance from that round they will go to the state round at St. Mary’ s School in Augusta. Congratulations to Adam and Dana and good luck in the next round!