Clarifying statement


I was recently asked by the Sun Jounal if constituents contacting Sen. Susan Collins considered the war in Iraq to be the biggest issue.

In response, I failed to convey Sen. Collins’ position clearly and answered too literally by referring to only the most recent calls and e-mails. Of course, over the past year, the war in Iraq has been the No. 1 issue that Sen. Collins hears about from her constituents.

But during the week that the reporter interviewed me, the immigration bill was by far and away the issue that generated the most calls, emails, and letters to the senator. During other recent weeks, the cost of gasoline has been the No. 1 issue.

I want to be clear that while the issues that prompt constituents to contact Sen. Collins may vary from week to week, the senator believes the war in Iraq remains the most significant challenge facing our nation.

Kevin Kelley, Washington D.C.

Press Secretary, Sen. Susan Collins