Cleaning out the inbox: Cheers and cheers.


Today, local people will have the opportunity to see Lewiston’s Lisbon Street through the eyes of the City’s Youth Advisory Council in a film it produced titled “Cool Happenings on Lisbon Street.”

The film, produced in conjunction with Great Falls Television, will debut today at 2:30 p.m. at Downstage, L/Arts, 5 Canal Street Alley. The event is free and open to the public. If you’re interested in Lewiston’s downtown and how it is transforming, this film offers a sampling of the positive changes that have occurred and features spots from businesses and organizations, new and old, that inhabit Lisbon Street today.

Cheers to the LYAC for taking the time and putting together a well-composed and well-considered mini-documentary. Often misinformation or long-held negative views dominate the discussion on Lisbon Street. This section of town seldom gets a fair shake for being the dynamic, diverse and thriving community it is. The advisory council did a fantastic job of capturing this through interviews with dozens of people, shop owners and community leaders who are really making it happen here. Cheers to them, too, for having pride in their neighborhood and community and for helping make Lisbon Street a real gem in Lewiston-Auburn.

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Cheers to Peter Mills, a former state senator and the most recent executive director of the Maine Turnpike Authority. In an age when cutting government spending sounds good but is seldom achieved, Mills whittled a whopping $4.3 million from what we can only now see as a far over-bloated budget. Mills’ efforts at real reform will have a direct impact on many commuters and other travelers who use the turnpike regularly, by keeping tolls from increasing. By reducing the budget from $41.8 million in 2012 to $37.5 million in 2013, Mills has done what he promised to do, and the best news is he’s still at it. Mills has taken an agency in turmoil, and one whose previous executive director is going to jail for wrongfully taking public funds for his personal use, and significantly cleaned it up. Mills’ goal was to restore the public’s faith in the authority. His effective actions and strong leadership show he is already well down that road.

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While any mention of the most recent Super Bowl in these parts is sure to bring groans, we can proudly say cheers to Auburn native and Edward Little High School graduate Allison (Cummings) Melangton. Melangton, 50, was president and CEO of the 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee in Indianapolis. She’s the daughter of Eleanor and Norman Cummings of Auburn.

And while we may jeer the performances of some of our beloved Patriots, the show overall was fantastic and we can’t help but think Melangton and her team deserve the credit for that.

Her efforts, from working to transform the area around the stadium into a hospitable and warm Olympic-style village to reaching out to kids stuck in a children’s hospital with “hope” baskets from NFL players, were not only charming and kind but downright sweet, indeed. We can’t help but think it’s not only a reflection on her upbringing but also her education here in Maine, which she credited for helping her achieve many successes in life. While she represented Indianapolis well, she was also a wonderful ambassador for Lewiston-Auburn and Maine. Cheers to that.

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